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The Initiative for the Study of Underrepresented Cultures and Ethnicities (SOURCE) Hawai’i is a research and community engagement laboratory at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. Spearheaded by Dr. Tonia Sutherland and housed in the Department of Information and Computer Sciences, SOURCE Hawai'i is dedicated to conducting critical research and community engagement projects--in the fields of information studies, digital studies, media studies, and science and technology studies--that center underrepresented cultures and ethnicities.

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The Pacific Initiative for the Study of Cultures, Evidence, and Social Sustainability (PISCES) Project is committed to 1) understanding the complexities of the information landscape in Hawai’i and the broader Pacific and to 2) animating critical information study and radical information practice in support of sustainable cultures and communities worldwide. Centering inquires around concerns as such as the vital role of information in social and cultural interactions, the wide-ranging impacts of information policy and data governance, the many roles information plays as evidence, the dynamic relationship between information and political economy, and the wielding of information as personal and political power, researchers at PISCES are working to improve our collective ability to find empowerment in duality—such as the dual natures of formal and informal information practices, tangible and intangible cultures, and local and global communities.

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The Community Research and Need-Based Engagement Project, or Project CRANE, is SOURCE Hawai'i's critical information studies learning community. Project CRANE engages students in service to local communities through research and outreach while contributing to global debates and paradigms. Project CRANE seeks to equip students with critical thinking skills, confidence in independent research, fluency in academic and creative expression, and a sense of social responsibility.

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The Initiative for the Study of Living Archives and Narrative Documents (ISLAND) Movement supports research and inquiry focused on embodied records as historic and cultural evidence, particularly those affiliated with non-Western and island cultures. Animated by questions of cultural transmission, oral tradition, performance, festival, and other embodied forms of recordkeeping, the ISLAND Movement works with researchers across the world to reimagine the archival landscape through collaborative research, visiting scholarships, and global policy development.

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Hamilton Library 3E 
2550 McCarthy Mall
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Honolulu, HI 96822

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